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White Paper: Internet Explorer 9 in the Enterprise

Here's a look at an insightful white paper that showcases best practices for avoiding Web app compatibility problems.

    Did you know that Internet Explorer 6 is "the number one blocker of Windows 7 deployments" for large organizations? That's according to Microsoft's Chris Jackson, a.k.a. the "App Compat Guy."

    See, while many companies want to migrate to Windows 7, they can't (or at least think they can't) owing to compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8/9. That's why ChangeBase authored this white paper: The World is Changing: Considerations for Browser Migration in the Enterprise. The 14-page paper looks at three key hurdles most organizations face, all of them based on the challenges and impact of incompatible Web apps--and what you can do to minimize both. Here's an excerpt from the section on virtualizing apps in order to work around compatibility problems:

    The challenge is to try to understand if the native application can it be virtualised. In order to achieve your goal of putting your application into the Cloud, there are several questions to ask: 
    1. Can this application be virtualised, and which virtual platform is it best suited to?
    2. If the application can be virtualised, what are the compatibility issues that need addressed, if any, and can these be fixed?
    3. If so, what is the true cost involved in fixing the application to achieve your goal of Cloud readiness? Is it really a good investment for the business?
    4. Once you've addressed these challenges, what is your "on-boarding" process, i.e., what are the processes required to get the application Cloud ready?

    Needless to say, ChangeBase is here to promote its own solution, namely AOK--a cool tool that automatically tests and fixes apps as part of your migration efforts. (You may recall my post about AOK Lite from earlier this year.) That said, the paper is fairly agnostic, focusing more on general obstacles and solutions than ChangeBase-powered specifics.

    I think it's a worthwhile read for any IT manager grappling with browser-compatibility issues. (I also think AOK is a very solid solution to those issues. Just saying.)

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