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Accelerating Application Migration

Here's a look at a new tool for application assessment and migration to Windows 7 or virtual environments.

    Adding a significant component to its “Desktop Transformation” strategy, Citrix announced the acquisition of App-DNA at the Synergy Conference last October in Barcelona, Spain.  App-DNA’s AppTitude product enables organizations to assess their application portfolios and plan for migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 and to virtual desktops.

    This past week in the Citrix Blog, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Penny Gralewski announced the release of a new version of Citrix AppDNA Application Management Software.  In her post, Gralewski describes several advancements in Citrix AppDNA Version 6, including:

    More Powerful Reporting

    Citrix partner Lakeside Software provides a no-charge Desktop Assessment Tool which, used in conjunction with AppDNA, generates a report of current applications and who’s using them, on which machines, and how frequently.  This can be combined with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to determine which applications are managed, which are under- or over-provisioned, and where there may be duplicates.

    The software can also be used to map application utilization by user, group, or device to determine which applications will not be compatible with the target environment and how many users and groups will be affected.  Multiple operating system images and builds for various groups of users can also be assessed and managed.  This automated application migration software supports ITIL best practices and information governance.

    Faster Decisions

    A new caching system speeds report generation with far greater scalability, concurrency, and performance, enabling AppDNA to support environments with hundreds to thousands of applications.

    Gralewski also describes how much easier the new version of AppDNA is to use, with its new design, new look, and more intuitive user interface.

    For more information about this powerful tool, check out this direct link to the Citrix AppDNA demo.



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