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It`s Great! Nobody Has to Wait for “8”

Windows 8 is now available as a consumer beta, and pundits around the world are singing its praises.

    It took many people surprise this month when Microsoft announced the availability of the “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain.  After the Developer’s Preview was released a few months back, nobody seemed to think of Windows 8 as a consumer product yet… except Microsoft!

    Love at First Download Site

    Many pundits seem to like it very much!  David Pogue of the NY Times gushed, “It’s a huge, radical rethinking of Windows — and one that’s beautiful, logical, and simple. In essence, it brings the attractive, useful concept of Start-screen tiles, currently available on Windows Phone 7 phones, to laptops, desktop PCs, and tablets.” 

    Mat Honan, writing in Gizmodo, said, “By the time the final version ships later this year, it's clear that Windows 8 is going to be a remarkable, daring update to the venerable OS. It is a departure from nearly everything we've known Windows to be. You will love it or hate it.  I love it.”

    At the Consumer Preview announcement, Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft, explained, “With Windows 8, we reimagined the different ways people interact with their PC and how to make everything feel like a natural extension of the device, whether using a Windows 8 tablet, laptop, or all-in-one.  The Windows 8 Consumer Preview brings a no-compromises approach to using your PC.”

    In-Place Upgrade from Windows 7

    Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be talking about many of the improvements, new features, and new services Microsoft is introducing with Windows 8.  For now, the best news for those of us who feel the need to upgrade comes from Barry Collins, writing for PC Pro in the UK. Collins wrote: “This morning, I did something monumentally stupid. Something that I wouldn’t recommend you do; something that I’ve written many times in the past that you should never do. I upgraded my main work laptop to a beta version of an operating system, namely Windows 8 Consumer Preview.”

    The good news is that Collins’ experience was a good one, providing you select the right installer.  Collins recommends that those upgrading use the .EXE file provided by Microsoft on the Windows 8 download site.  This 5MB utility checks the current hardware specs and software loaded on your PC and provides specific instructions where it finds problems. He also mentions that his “in-place” upgrade went pretty flawlessly. 

    ‘8’ Week: Enterprises Should Not Feel Left Out

    While Microsoft introduced Windows 8 as a consumer beta, they made sure to have an “8” Week special for Enterprise customers as well, with the release of Windows Server ‘8’ Beta.  More on that later this week.


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