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Link Roundup: Windows 7 Overtakes XP, VDI Isn't About the Money, and More!

Want to catch up on some good migration-related reading? Here's a roundup of some interesting links that came over the wire (so to speak) last week.

    Desktop virtualization: It's not about saving money So says hyper-opinionated virtualization expert Brian Madden, who argues that desktop virtualization and VDI rarely save companies money, and in fact can end up being more costly than traditional desktop deployments. Of course, nothing is ever as cut-and-dried as Madden thinks; while he correctly points out that "more features cost more money," he fails to factor in ROI. Sure, it costs more to buy into VDI than it does to not buy into VDI (duh), but certainly some companies--if not many companies--will save money in the long resulting from the many benefits that come with it.

    Yo, Madden: oversimplify much?

    Windows 7 overtakes XP It's official: Windows 7 is now the most widely deployed operating system in the world, having just nudged past Windows XP. That's pretty amazing when you consider that 7 is barely two years old. The data comes from Web tracking company StatCounter, which found a 41-percent global share for Windows 7 and 40 percent for XP.

    Make any app virtual Talk about a must-have IT tool: Cameyo is a free utility that makes any program virtual and portable, able to run from a flash drive, network share, or even a Dropbox account. Check out the video below for an overview. How cool is this thing!




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