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Migrating to Mobile CRM

Hosted, cloud-based applications can work smoothly and seamlessly on desk-based and mobile devices.

    Last year, Microsoft made an important statement by introducing the online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Resource Management) before releasing the on-premises version.  This was a clear indication that Redmond sees the writing on the wall: Online delivery of key applications is the direction we’re all heading in.

    The next Service Update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is due in a few months.

    This update will include full CRM functionality on mobile devices, with a new cloud-based, cross-platform, native mobile client for Windows Phone 7, iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. 

    Giving even more credence to Microsoft’s ostensible commitment to cross-platform capability, the update will also include support for multiple Web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari running on Windows PCs, Mac, and iPad devices.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile helps to solve one of the key challenges customers face when deploying CRM solutions.  Salespeople in the field usually have to use a laptop or desktop to record the results of their sales calls, update their pipelines accordingly, indicate next steps, and otherwise keep the CRM system current.  With a mobile solution, though, those users will be able to capture, record, and report all information from the client site while it’s fresh.  This will improve accuracy, responsiveness, and the speed of closing sales.

    Ordinarily, porting a networked application to mobile is a complex and time-consuming affair. Here, though, the cloud-based application, which is managed by Microsoft, eliminates the complexity.  This cloud service manages configuration, security, and ongoing management—including zero-touch mobile updates. 

    The price for this “CRM Anywhere” service is $30 per user per month, allowing each to use the service on up to three devices.

    Click here to learn more about “CRM Anywhere” from a recent Microsoft Dynamics blog.


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