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More Migration Expertise: White Papers

White papers let you tap expert technologists before you make costly mistakes on your migration projects.

    Migrations don’t happen that often. It’s probably been years since the last one at your IT organization. It follows that the team of people involved in doing it have either never done it before, or haven’t done it in quite some time.

    Unfortunately, many projects start with good intentions and then hit snags, take wrong turns, and leave teams wondering why or how they ended up where they are.

    The challenge is in finding valuable guidance—in the form of white papers—that will help prepare you and your team to tackle your migration. These resources deliver the experience and advice of highly capable technologists who want to help you succeed. 

    Here are four excellent white papers on migrations from Dell and Microsoft:

    Windows 7 migration challenges and best practices for large enterprise and public sector

    Today, IT managers worldwide are accelerating their efforts toward planning for and migrating to Windows 7, and the next 12 to 18 months will be critical. In fact, Forrester Consulting recently completed an online survey of 200 large enterprise and public sector organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK with 1,000 or more employees, commissioned by Dell, concerning their migration plans for Windows 7. The study found that 93% of firms planned on completing their enterprise-wide migrations before 2014. But firms are facing a number of migration challenges. To learn more about ways to overcome these challenges, and to find out what the study revealed about improving Windows 7 migration, read this white paper.

    Avoiding the 8 common mistakes of Windows 7 migration

    The recession put important things--like upgrading to new client systems—on hold for many organizations. Now, companies such as yours are ready to upgrade and gain from better performance and efficiency by purchasing new laptops and notebooks with Windows 7 factory-installed. Before you move dozens--or hundreds--of important business applications into a new environment, find out how other organizations tackled this challenge. This informative white paper explains how to make the most of a Windows 7 migration and PC refresh to enhance performance, security, and manageability.

    Windows 7 for Apps: A migration lesson plan for educational institutions

    Is your university or K-12 school system ready for Windows 7? Study up on what your classrooms need to support the ever-growing multimedia workloads and new applications with a Windows 7 migration, all while keeping your legacy apps flowing smoothly and maintaining a flawless end-user experience.

    Tips and tricks for a successful Windows 7 migration

    Many public organizations and large enterprises had ridden out the tough economic times by delaying an operating system (OS) migration from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7. Today, however, the case for a migration is highly compelling. Learn the most important tips and tricks to consider when planning your Windows 7 migration and deployment.

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