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A new program helps companies plan and execute a flawless migration to Hyper-V, from proof-of-concept all the way to ROI projections.

    Many companies are making the switch to Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization platform.  According to Michael Lubanski, Lead at the Microsoft Services US Private Cloud Center of Excellence, writing in TechNet’s Private Cloud Architecture Blog, many more would be switching if there were more “guidance and proof points” to justify the risk of migrating.

    In his blog post, Lubanski introduces the Hyper-V Switch Program, designed to simplify the process of planning for and executing the migration with limited risk, controlled expense, and a robust understanding of the benefits and return on investment possible.

    Part 1 of the blog features Lubanski’s description of the three phases of the Hyper-V Switch Program and what they provide to customers:

    Discovery and assessment

    The Hyper-V assessment tool is deployed to collect information about the current-state VMware environment and, if there is one, the target Hyper-V environment.  The deliverables from this phase include recommendations for consolidation and migration, plus suggestions for proof of concept and pilot deployment projects. If there is no existing Hyper-V environment in place, the Microsoft Consulting Services team can provide one.

    Proof of concept / pilot deployment

    In this stage, knowledge transfer to customer resources is accelerated and the migration engine deployed.  Small VM subsets are migrated to demonstrate no loss of data and no downtime during transition.

    Full consolidation and migration of VMware workloads to the Hyper-V platform

    Following careful evaluation and analysis of the results from the first two phases, the entire migration and consolidation process is scoped and planned, then executed.

    Lubanski positions all of this as the first step in paving the path to the Microsoft Private Cloud for customers that intend to go that route.  Clearly, customers who are dissatisfied with the limitations of their existing virtualization environments will find this a very useful program, as well.

    Have you tried the Hyper-V Switch Program? Let us know how it worked for you!


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