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Taking Aim at the Mainframe

A pair of recent Dell acquisitions create a broad, powerful engine to drive the migration of critical legacy business applications from mainframe systems to x86-based platforms.

    Mainframe. It’s a word many of us don’t use or even hear much anymore. But Dell has now put it directly in its crosshairs. 

    We recently reported on Dell’s acquisition of thin-client mainstay Wyse Technologies.This was only the first of several acquisitions for Dell. Several years ago Dell focused on security and network management with the acquisitions of RIPtech and Silverback.  The focus of these recent acquisitions goes back to Michael Dell’s long-held belief that the x86-based server would eventually replace the mainframe. 

    Acquired were Clerity Solutions, a leading global provider of application modernization and re-hosting solutions and services, and Make Technologies, a leading global provider of application modernization software and services. Both acquisitions will likely become part of the new Dell software division created under former CA Technologies CEO John Swainson and focused on building out system management and cloud services.

    Taken together, the two acquisitions create a broad, powerful engine to drive the migration of critical legacy business applications from the legacy mainframe systems they currently reside on to x86-based platforms running modern operating systems like Windows Server 2008 R2. 

    Make Technologies’ unique approach to the automation of application and code migration has helped IT departments significantly reduce both volume of code and associated operational costs.

    Clerity’s unique re-hosting solution makes it easier for customers to move applications off legacy computing architectures into the new IT environment of their choice.

    “The addition of Make Technologies and Clerity Solutions to Dell Services positions us to lead in the fast-growing applications modernization space,” said Steve Schuckenbrock, president, Dell Services. “We have the capabilities to help customers with all their modernization needs — from re-hosting and re-platforming to code re-engineering. These offerings will enable Dell to support the thousands of commercial and public sector customers looking to migrate business-critical applications to open, standards-based architectures, including the cloud.”

    Schuckenbrock also pointed out that, “Increasingly, these x86 platforms are enabling super-scale cloud environments, and the addition of Clerity gives us a clear advantage in helping customers modernize and migrate their applications off outdated hardware infrastructure to more current architectures.”


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