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The 8's Keep Rolling with Windows Server '8' Beta

Microsoft introduced the beta version of Windows Server '8' to allow IT professionals and software developers around the world to download, evaluate, and provide feedback.

    Clearly, Microsoft didn’t want to have Enterprise customers feeling left out when they announced the availability of a Consumer Preview for Windows 8 last week.  They also introduced the beta version of Windows Server '8' to allow "IT professionals and software developers around the world to download, to evaluate, and to give us feedback on," according to Bill Laing, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Server and Cloud writing in the Windows Server Blog.

    This beta for IT professionals follows a developer preview released in September of 2011.  Many industry observers have been commenting on the new developments coming in Windows Server '8' which Laing chronicles in the announcement of this beta release.  Improvements include:


    This is perhaps the most anxiously-awaited of the changes.  Laing describes “taking virtualization above and beyond to provide a multi-tenant platform for cloud computing.”  New features will allow enhanced ability to move virtual machines and servers as necessary without losing network assignments. Coupled with recent announcements around System Center 12 it becomes clear that Microsoft is prepared to exceed the flexibility, automation, and manageability of competing hypervisors.

    Cost-Effective Hardware

    Windows Server '8' promises high availability and disaster recovery using much more cost effective hardware.  Laing cites File Server Transparent Failover as an example of software technology that rapidly moves file shares between nodes with minimal disruption.


    With new improvements to Server Manager and Windows PowerShell, Microsoft dramatically increases the automation and ease of multi-machine management.

    The Windows Server ‘8’ Message

    Microsoft's Market Messaging includes concepts like "Beyond Virtualization," which points at private cloud production, “Power of Many Servers, Simplicity of One” which focuses on high availability and ease-of-management, "Every App, Any Cloud," which offers a broad, scalable, and elastic server platform, and Modern Workstyle Enabled,"which describes flexible user access to data and applications, simplified management, security, control, and compliance.

    For more product information, read "Cloud Optimize Your IT with Windows Server '8'"  Visit this website to download the beta version of Windows Server '8.'





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